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Welcome to Dance Expressions, a well established dance academy in  Westborough for over 20 years. Our mission at Dance Expressions is to  inspire and nurture our dancers to reach their fullest potential. Our  highly qualified professional instructors provide our students with  proper dance technique in a stress free dance environment. Everyone of  our dancers is a special member of our dance family regardless of  whether they wish to do competitions or be a recreational dancer and  only take one class. We cater to each students needs and interests so  they can achieve their dance goals.

Our Instructors and Teaching Style


Our professional dance instructors are above all educators who focus on  producing dancers that are poised, confident and exude high self-esteem.  Dance technique is very important to Miss Laurene, our Director, and as such, dance students receive quality technique training from September  through June, with a focus on dance performance choreography in the  Spring.

Our History


So excited to be celebrating our 25th year of providing so many of the  youngsters in our community with excellence in dance. Dance Expressions is so proud of our many accomplishments in inspiring and creating the  passion for dance to our students in order to be the best they can be.

             The Academy of Dance Expressions is a well established and  accomplished dance studio which opened in Westboro in 1995 under the  direction of founder, Laurene Aldorisio, a talented dance educator who  has been teaching dance for over 20 years and prides herself in offering  programs of dance that cater to each students needs, talents and  interests. Laurene is a native of this area and was raised and grew up  in Northboro, Ma.

             Laurene's motivation is having something for everyone who  has an interest in dancing regardless of their level, age, gender or  goals as classes are available for tiny tots age 18 months years to  adults as well as to seniors as she has an adult ballet,  and tap class for  beginners as well as an  adult jazz and movement class. Whether a person  wishes to take only one class in any one of her several forms of dance  offered or wishes to think about a career in dance by participating as a  Dance Expressions Dance Company member , they are very much part of our dance family.

             Her philosophy of "we stress dance technique in a stress  free dance environment" has been her motto from the beginning as she and  her professional staff teach dance where their focus is doing it in a  caring and nurturing way in order to have students reach their fullest  potential. Students are offered the opportunity to improve their dance  skills through master classes taught by very acclaimed artists  throughout the United States, attend dance conventions, participate in  dance competitions, audition with professional local dance company to be  in their winter or spring ballet performances, do community outreach  performances in the MetroWest area and perform at both our winter and  spring fantastic performances.

              Dance Expressions is highly regarded and recognized for its  participation at various performance venues. Our technique and  choreography are consistently singled out by judges, instructors and  dance directors at these events. Several of our students have received  full scholarships at dance conventions and won the highest awards and  scores at dance competitions. A few of our students have furthered their  dance careers by becoming dance majors at various college dance  programs.              

Our Mission & Philosophy


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of dance training to  students of all levels in a stress free dance training environment. Our  faculty has a passion for dance and focuses on dance technique while inspiring  our dancers to reach their highest level of excellence. This training  discipline will follow them in all walks of life no matter what career  they choose.

What We Offer!


The Academy of Dance Expressions offers dance classes for students ages 18 months to adults for beginners to advanced levels. Our students are placed based not only on their age, but  equally on their experience, training as well as their skill and  maturity levels. Dance Expressions recognizes and is sensitive to the varied  needs of its dance student's population. We offer 4 fabulous unique  dance programs that we feel fit most of a dancer's situation. Even if a  student has interests in sports, music, martial arts, etc. and wishes to  fit in one or more dance classes of their choosing,  it can be done!   We offer classes in ballet, jazz, modern, pointe, acro, boys' and girls'  hip hop, lyrical and contemporary dance in a small class size setting.  If you wish to be a more serious dancer, we can also accommodate that as  well.


Types of Programs We Offer!


 RECREATIONAL DANCE which is designed for someone who wishes  to take perhaps only one or two classes of their choosing per week and  is encouraged to participate in our annual June performance.

 PERFORMANCE GROUP is for students who wish to take two or  more classes one of which must be ballet and who elect to participate in  our wonderful innovative Community Service opportunities. The dancer  commits to perform not only in our annual performance but to varied  audiences in the community such as parades, senior centers, sporting  events, nursing homes, etc. This is a chance to perform all year round. 

COMPETITIVE DANCE is a program for dancers normally ages 8 or older who have 4 years of previous dance training with an emphasis in  ballet. Acceptance into this program is done through an audition  process in the Springtime with a panel of professional judges where the  dancers will be placed for the new Fall season. There are required  classes that the dancer will be placed in. Dancers will compete 1 to 2  times per year and are required to allocate more hours to train soon  before the competitions.

       PRE-PROFESSIONAL DANCE program is for a dancer who wishes to  pursue a dance college education and/or follow a  professional dancer  career. This is for the more serious, talented and devoted dancer. The dancers must have 8 years of dance training and decided with their parents to make  this commitment. Dancers will be required to take an extensive dance  curriculum as defined by the Dance Director and will be mentored by her  and select staff members.                          

Our Director



Miss Laurene

As Director of Dance Expressions, I find teaching the  dancers of all age levels and forms of dance to be the most rewarding  part of what I do. What I enjoy most is seeing dancers gain confidence  with their movement as they train with me and this progressive  development carries forward in their personal lives.             

          Laurene Aldorisio, Owner/Director/Instructor has an  Associate's Degree in Dance from Dean College and a Bachelor's of Arts  Degree in Dance from Roger Williams University. She also studied at the  well renowned Philadelphia University of Arts as a ballet major where  her training was with very famous ballet professionals from the  Philadelphia Ballet. She also studied with Edra Toth, principal  Ballerina of the famous Boston Ballet.  She received tap training with  the well known LaVaugn Robinson who taught Gregory Hines. She trained in  modern dance at Jacob's Pillow with Milton Myers and Judith Jamison,  both instructors/directors with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.  Laurene is a member of the Dance Masters of America whose  members are certified by practical and written exams to qualify to  teach.  She has been teaching for over 20 years and continues to educate  herself by attending workshops through Dance Olympus, Dance Masters of  America to add to her repertoire.  This past February Laurene trained  with the current hit show "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographers,  Mia Michaels, Desmond Richardson, Brian Friedman, Chris Judd, Dave Scott  and Tyce Diorio.  Laurene loves working with children of all ages and  her greatest reward is sharing her love of dance by inspiring students  to express themselves through movement. 

Our Teachers


 Miss Brittany

Brittany is extremely well versed in all forms of dance after training for 16 years, since the age of 3, at Laurene Aldorisio's Academy of Dance Expressions. Brittany prides herself not only on her solid dance technique, but also as a young dance choreographer.

    Brittany had captured numerous prestegious titles and scholorships throughout her dance career. She competed in the New England Dance  Masters of Americas Title Competition where she placed 2nd. In the Junior age division, and 2nd. & 3rd. In the Teen Miss division. At several regional and national competitions she placed and won awards, recieving many scholorships to further her dance education.

   Another forte of Brittany's is choreography. She competed with her self-choreagraphed Contemporary Solo at Believe National Talent Competition where she received the Power Park Invitation to study in Florida, Ohio, or Maryland. As well as a scholorship to SPARK, a unique week-long Summer Intensive to empower young artists to explore creativity and artistic expression, through training, performance, and choreography opportunities. 

Miss Jocelyn

Miss Jocelyn (Jaycee) was born and raised in Holden, MA. She started her dance training at the age of 3 at Diane Kelley Dance Studio in West Boylston and her gymnastics training at Sterling Academy of Gymnastics. She has competed and performed in several dance/gymnastics competitions at both a regional and national level. She also attended several workshops and master classes at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC and also many dance competition conventions. She has worked with many choreographers including Jermaine Brown, Wade Robson, Katy Spreadbury, and many more.  After she graduated high school, Miss Jocelyn received her 1st year teacher training certificate through Dance Masters of America in Buffallo, NY and has taught at several studios around the area sharing her love of dance and gymnastics for 10 years.  



"While  at dance expressions, the people I was surrounded by has taught me to  always stay true to myself as an individual and to take every  opportunity that came my way. Laurene will always have such a huge part  of my life and will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you  for giving me the confidence to run with and grow as an independent  hardworking woman."
- Jessica Steurer             


"I love having your students audition, Miss Laurene. They are so well trained."
- Director of a prestigious Ballet Dance Company               

 "Laurene Aldorisio is an innovative, devoted studio  owner. She fuzes classic technique with a modern twist, I find her  choreography is suprising and strong. She has a true interest in the  growth and improvement of her future dancers, and it is a pleasure to  work beside such professionalism and passion."

"As a teacher at Dance Expressions I am inspired by  the work ethic and determination that each dancer approaches class with.  They are a hard working group of dancers with so much potential and  passion."

"As a hip hop teacher at Dance Expressions, I find it  rewarding to share my hip hop choreography with students that are so  receptive to learning."
 "What I love about Dance Expressions is how hard everyone works, it makes my job easier!"

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