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"While at dance expressions, the people I was surrounded by has taught me to always stay true to myself as an individual and to take every opportunity that came my way. Laurene will always have such a huge part of my life and will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for giving me the confidence to run with and grow as an independent hardworking woman."
- Jessica Steurer

"I love having your students audition, Miss Laurene. They are so well trained."
- Director of a prestigious Ballet Dance Company

"Laurene Aldorisio is an innovative, devoted studio owner. She fuzes classic technique with a modern twist, I find her choreography is suprising and strong. She has a true interest in the growth and improvement of her future dancers, and it is a pleasure to work beside such professionalism and passion."

"As a teacher at Dance Expressions I am inspired by the work ethic and determination that each dancer approaches class with. They are a hard working group of dancers with so much potential and passion."

"As a hip hop teacher at Dance Expressions, I find it rewarding to share my hip hop choreography with students that are so receptive to learning."
"What I love about Dance Expressions is how hard everyone works, it makes my job easier!"

"As the acrobatics teacher at Dance Expressions, I ask for a lot from my girls. I ask them to try their hardest, let go of fear, and give me their fullest trust when trying new things. As beginners to the technique, the girls have done a wonderful job. They are eager to learn new things and work hard to perfect the things they already know. As for the director, Laurene trusts in me to keep the girls safe during class. She also makes sure my rules are reinforced outside of the classroom; no tumbling without a matte or a responsible spotter. Although our classes are filled with laughter, acro is a very serious technique. If a dancer makes one mistake they could take on a serious injury; I am very impressed with how these girls take on class with professional and responsible attitudes."

- Past Dance Expressions Instructors

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