Miss Jocelyn

"As the Acro Instructor at Dance Expressions, I ask for a lot from my girls. I ask them to try their hardest, face challenges and fear, push hard through conditioning, and trust in one another and use teamwork for lifts and stunts. All the students I have met at the studio, put in so much effort and are extremely respectful. They are eager to learn new things and work hard to perfect the things they already know.

Laurene trusts in me to keep the girls safe during class. She also has made me feel welcome and has trusted in my background and knowledge to train her dancers. The technique, willingness to learn, and positive attitudes/environment has made my teaching experience here one of the best.""

Miss Jocelyn (Jaycee) was born and raised in Holden, MA. She started her dance training at the age 3 at Diane Kelley Dance Studio in West Boylston and her gymnastics training at Sterling Academy of Gymnastics. She has competed and performed in several dance/gymnastics competitions at both a regional and national level. She also attended several workshops and master classes at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC and also many dance competition conventions. She has worked with many choreographers including Jermaine Brown, Wade Robson, Katy Spreadbury, and many more.

After she graduated high school, Miss Jocelyn received her 1st. year teacher training certificate through Dance Masters of America in Buffallo, NY and has taught at several studios around the area sharing her love of dance and gymnastics for 10 years.

Miss Jocelyn places a strong emphasis on safety and conditioning/flexibility in her Acro classes, while keeping them fun! Her favorite styles of dance are Acro and Contemporary. Her acro classes consist of many different elements of dance/tumbling including; conditioning, flexibility, technique/dance training, individual skills, along with partner/group lifts and stunts. Students will gain flexibility, control, strength, tumbling skills, and also teamwork in a safe and fun environment.

Miss Alyssa

Alyssa Benson is a graduate of Cranston East High School and she has been dancing for 19 years. She graduated from the Aveda Institute for cosmetology. She has been competing since the age of 6 years old where she received the award for “The Most Promising Performer”. She has been a Dancer of The Year Semi-Finalist in the Petite and Junior levels. She traveled every year to Regionals and one Nationals per year and she has danced on the Beauty and the Beast stage with her production group for the DOTY, and also her group “Birds “ was chosen to dance as well. Alyssa has received many 1st place and special awards such as “Most Energetic”. She has attended many workshops where she has taken classes to name a few with Sarah Jo Fazio, Gregg Russell, Angie Sellers, and GEO from The Iconic Crew in which she was one of the two picked out of a group of 100 or more students to do his combination in his convention class. Last DanZa convention she was picked to assist the wonderful and talented Sarah Jo Fazio in Hip Hop! Alyssa has been involved with two classes in the after-school dance program at Woodridge Elementary school and dance camps at the studio. She continues her education with our wonderful instructors as well as traveling to New York to the Broadway Dance Center. She assisted well know Choreographers such as Jon Rua, Randi and Hef, Lauren Froderman, and many more in New York for Liberate Artists. Her choreography has won many first place/platinum and high score awards. Her teaching style is fun and challenging and she brings a great energy to the studio and competition team!

Laura Taylor

"In my years of working for Dance Expressions, I have had the opportunity to watch little girls learn discipline, group interaction and the love of movement along with getting to know the older students who, through their years of dance at Dance Expressions, have become exemplary young women."

Laura Taylor has a diverse background including Computer Science and Art. Working at Dance Expressions allows Laura to stay at home with her young son during the day, while being able to continue to work. Laura enjoys working at Dance Expressions because it allows her to use her various skills along with being able to interact with the great staff, students and parents.