Competition Eligibility

Dance Expressions offers dancers the opportunity to compete. Interested and eligible students who would like to participate in competitions are required to experience our audition process. Auditioning will determine the dancer's placement on our Dance Expressions Company.

Dancers need to demonstrate their dedication, commitment, positive attitude, studio spirit, appearance, stage presence, talent, and technical ability in order to secure a place on our Company.

The Dance Expressions Company will compete in 1-2 regional competitions each season. It is rewarding and an honor to be one of these members and requires a serious commitment on the part of the students and families both time-wise and financially. Competitions are a wonderful learning experience and yet another chance to perform.

Dancers are required to take a certain number of classes per week depending upon their placement. Attendance is key for the personal growth of the dancer, group choreography and class development. Extra rehearsals are often scheduled as a competition event gets closer.

To maintain a dancer's place, taking our summer programs is required to keep physically fit and maintain the dance training all year long. Dancers who are in the Company are expected to be in Performance Group and participate in any extra community outreach activities Dance Expressions participates in.

Our dancers are responsible for but not limited to extra costumes, shoes, tights, make-up, hair accessories, competition fees and travel costs. A competition jacket is aso required for an additional cost.

Fundraising is encouraged and welcomed on an individual basis if needed.

A more detailed contract will be provided once a dancer auditions and accepts this wonderful opportunity.